Finding Inspiration For Your Online Business.

Does Content Matter?

This is a phrase that you will hear a lot amongst bloggers, online experts and internet entrepreneurs. I’m pretty sure that you will have heard it yourself.

The idea is this – If you want to make money online, you have to choose a subject that you are passionate about. You need to enjoy it or else it won’t work.

It’s a good point and one that I would agree with to a certain extent. However, I do have to question this approach to starting your online business.

Creating a website or blog on a topic that you love is certainly a great idea, and it does work well for many people, but it is not the only way to go.

The first question that I see is this. What if the niche or topic you want to write about is not a particularly profitable one. It will be difficult to make any money online with it no matter how hard you try.

Suppose you love tea. You might know a lot about it, but will it make you any money online? I doubt you will earn enough to give up your day job. It would be more of a hobby.

You would certainly be able to create a popular website around tea, but what if you went with a more profitable niche instead?
You could put the same amount of time and effort and end up creating a much more lucrative business.

People may argue that “writing about what you love” is best because if you choose a niche solely because you think it is more profitable you will soon lose the motivation to keep finding new things to write about.

If you write about something you love, on the other hand, you will have content for years to come.

This may be partly true, but not completely, because many individuals are motivated by the idea of making money and becoming successful in their niche.
In other words, if you start a blog on a profitable subject and you see that your efforts are starting to bring traffic to your site, this will provide the motivation you need, no matter what the topic is. You can research and learn about your subject as you build your business.

So what are my thoughts on these two strategies? I think that they can both work.
Choosing a niche or topic because you love it is a good route to success, but choosing a profitable one and approaching it scientifically can be equally successful.

Unless you have your ideas already worked out it can take a little bit of research to discover the best niche for you to write about.
You should consider some of these important factors when it comes to choosing your niche:

• What excites you and energises you? If you blog about your passion, you are never going to struggle for content.
• If you have a hobby that you are an expert in or job role then you have a distinct advantage over most of the others who are interested in your niche. You are already and authority.
• You may not be an expert, but you may have the interest and knowledge to create a lot of good subject matter. This way you can create a lot of content for the search engines spiders.

By learning all about your niche and making it your focus or business, you can take an audience on your journey from novice to expert. This is a very good way to create a community around your niche.

You could try blogging about hot topics and trends but this doesn’t tend to be sustainable. It can be good for short term niche blogging and Google traffic as these current niches are trending.
Whatever you do, if you take on a niche, make sure that you are not going to run out if content and that it has the potential to make money and give you the lifestyle that you want. 

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