Who is John Crestani ? Affiliate Marketing

Today John Crestani is an internationally popular expert in the field of affiliate marketing. He has build up his empire in the world of affiliate marketing within a few years of leaving his hectic job in the corporate world. Now he has made up his mind to teach people who want to be active in affiliate marketing and enjoy a piece of it. Anyone can improve his business by joining John and using his unmatched experience and knowledge.

Career of John Crestani

Being an internet marketer John Crestani built up his business zero to $5million within a few years. In order to encourage people who dream for affluent lifestyle by showing his vacations, Lamborghini, and various other things he got from his business. As an internet marketer he started in 2011 to make money online by trying a number of things. He succeeded to make $100,000 within two years and after that he made an empire of nearly $5 million by 2016. Now he was able to live life on his terms. He can get what he wants, and liver wherever he wants.

Money making programs introduced by John Crestani

Though whatever John says looks like a dream viewed by most of the people who could not make their business successful still many people tend to buy the methods of making money online offered by him even without knowing much about them. This write-up will help you to know the methods offered by John more closely so that you can also use them to make a good future for you and your family.

In order to tech people his ways of doing business John Crestani primarily introduced three programs:

  • Internet Jetset which is a membership program),
  • Access to webinars
  • The Super Affiliate System

Working of Internet Jetset by John Crestani

Internet JetSet Membership is a program that involves monthly subscription to teach you methods to get online traffic free of cost through various platforms including YouTube, Google SEO, FaceBook and other social media platforms. It is a kind of entry level course which includes 12 modules to learn how to make online. These modules may include:

  • Basic plan of affiliate marketing
  • Ways to choose a right affiliate program
  • Ways to sign up for affiliate programs
  • Understand the working of Google SEO
  • Basic methods of getting traffic thru vide marketing of YouTube
  • Ways to get traffic from FaceBook
  • Setting up of a WordPress website
  • Basics of Copywriting
  • How to take benefit of the launches of other people
  • How to create an authoritative review websites
  • How to run ads on FaceBook
  • Understand the working of Super Affiliate System

JetSet Webinars

After completing the training as the member of internet JetSet you will have to attend value added weekly webinars organized by John. There you will get an opportunity to get answers of your questions in this regard.

Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System allows you to learn how aid advertisements can help you in growing your business of affiliate marketing. Through this system John tries to teach you the methods to use paid ads to drive traffic to your website.

For whom Internet Jetset is introduced by John Crestani

John Crestani introduced Internet JetSet for the people who are willing to make money online but do not know how to start. It is also for the people who have wanted to convert their offline business into online business. Those who want to learn new techniques to grow their existing online business can also join this program.

Thus, John Crestani is a successful affiliate marketer who has made millions f dollars within a few years. Now, he wants to teach others, who want to make money online, the methods to be successful in the world of affiliate marketing.