Three Unspoken Reasons You Could Be Failing With Your Online Business

Obviously there are more than just three reasons why some people never quite crack it online of course…

..luck, motivation, background, even family support all play a part

But from the experience of working with numerous clients and customers I can safely say that following are three of the main reasons that can cause normal, intelligent, motivated people to fail with their online businesses:

ONE: Fear of investing money

You can’t set up an online business for free. It can’t be done.

If you’re anything like me you’ll need to find this out for yourself, of course, but if you want to save yourself two years of hard work and anguish then take the following to heart:

You need to invest in your business.

You’ll need resources, software, traffic, outsourcing, and professional help.

You won’t need it all at once of course, and if you do it correctly your business will fund itself as you go on…

…but being afraid, reluctant or unwilling to invest money in your business is most likely to be the thing that kills it off in the long run.

You wouldn’t (and couldn’t) operate without funds if you opened a high street shop or bought a franchise right?

Well there’s no difference

You need to spend money on your business.

Some things you can do for free, ALL things you can’t.

TWO: Failure to acquire the specific knowledge you need.

You don’t need to know everything but you DO need to know the right things.

You need to know the basics of selling, how to use certain bits of software or hardware, and you need to know how to put it all together…

..and if not putting it together physically yourself, then you need to know how it SHOULD fit together.

You can outsource a lot of your business, but you need to know that something exists to be able to outsource it!

You can’t work in a surfboard shop or computer shop successfully without knowing how the kit works.

You don’t have to know everything but you do have to know how to access the information you don’t have.

Likewise, if your business isn’t moving forward because you simply don’t know the technical aspects of how to do something then FIND OUT. Actively seek it out.

The knowledge won’t appear by magic one

Saturday morning when you’re at the gym and eventually it will turn into a roadblock and logjam your whole business.

Yes, you could outsource it but if it’s something you’ll be doing again and again like putting JVZoo button code onto your page or configuring a JVZoo funnel then it’s going to cost you a lot of money and time each time you need it doing.

So find out how to do it yourself.

Ask, Google, check YouTube, forums, networks, FAQ’s, support desks, friends, or whatever you need to FIND OUT the information that you need to know.

You’d be more than amazed at the number of people I hear from who are ‘stuck’ and have been for months because they say they don’t know how to do a certain thing…

..yet it only takes my support people TEN SECONDS to find a link to a YouTube video that walks them through that very information!

It’s crazy.

It’s lazy too.

If you need information find it.

You’ve got the internet. If you’d started a business 50 years ago it’d be a damn sight harder than it is now.

Research is a skill. Learn it.

THREE: Too much focus on the internet and not enough on the marketing

 Internet Marketing IS just that – selling stuff on the net.

It’s not a ‘thing’ in itself. It’s a WAY to selling something.

So it’s not a product – you’ll need one of those.

It’s not a sales letter or video – you’ll need one of those too.

Nor is it traffic. You’ll need to sort that aspect of your business out too.

Once you get that fact sorted out in your head you’ll be fine. But you need to really get it.

Took me a while to realize that pretty much  ALL the aspects of running a ‘normal’ business – from lead management through to making sales – were applicable to an internet business too

Sure, an online biz can be cheaper to set up than a shop or warehouse (all you need is a website) but when it comes to getting eyes on your product and then convincing the buggers to buy it…

…it’s just like any other form of selling.

So while it’s OK to use fancy software and platforms to make your selling easier or more effective, don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll make money from that platform or software alone.

You won’t.

And then there’s one of MY main faults – tinkering with stuff.

There’s nothing I love more than installing a new plugin, bit of script or subscribing to a new service and spending days messing about with it.

The only problem is I’m a crap techy and I spend far too long doing something that is unproductive when I should be doing something to move my business forward.

I’ve managed to discipline myself only ever to get outsourcers to do stuff like this now, but I know people who spend their entire time online messing about with things like this and it means their business will never progress.

Focus on your business. Focus on what brings in the MONEY, NOT the internet side of things.

I know it’s much more fun installing a new blog theme or messing about with that new plugin you bought…

…but that’s NOT internet marketing, that’s just internet 🙂

And it doesn’t bring the money in.

So focus on what DOES.

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How I Structure The ‘Bread And Butter Part Of My Income…

For quite a while my income was shaky when I first went full-time online.

I’m not talking about the actual amount that came in – I seemed to earn at least the same as the previous month if not a little more each month.

But it felt shaky because I knew that I had to make sales every month to keep it coming, and that’s more stressful than you might think.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as stressful as being a coal miner or an emergency room nurse, but it did have its moments

And with one baby and another on the way, I knew I needed some stability financially as quickly as possible.

Remember although it had been a while since I quit my job I was still having to make NEW sales each and every month to keep my income at this level.

And that’s hard work whatever level you’re at.

So I took a step back and looked at the whole internet marketing niche from a very common-sense viewpoint

I could see I needed to build a core income, (or ‘bread and butter’ income as I later called it) that would basically pay my bills and leave me with room to breathe and be creative to build my business.

 I had to find a way to get hundreds of people to pay me on the same date every month so I knew when and how much money I had coming in…

 …and all I would have to do was create fresh content for them each month, NOT have to make new sales, be forced to find new customers or worry about driving new traffic.

 The answer was recurring payments, continuity, subscriptions, membership sites or whatever you want to call it.

 The payment processor (I used Clickbank to start with) was already available to me so I just needed to look round to see what type of product was selling well.

 I did a few day’s research and decided I’d go into the PLR creation business!

Within a month or so I’d built a PLR membership site (I outsourced the creation of the PLR packages)…

Within 30 days my original PLR site had sold out so I built a second one, marketed it in the same way and that one sold out too!

I learned quickly that limiting the places in my PLR membership worked very well in terms of scarcity, and limited each site to 100 people initially.

IMPORTANT: I worked my arse off to sell those PLR places, using all sorts of techniques from mailing my list right through to banners, swapping ad placements, offering $1 trials to my partner’s lists and including affiliate programs to attract more JV partners.

Looking back, one of the other best things I did was to work solidly for two days tracking and collating which selling/traffic method worked the best, and for the following month put all my efforts into THOSE methods alone.

The result was that I had much more than my monthly bills covered by this continuity (around $5400 per month and that increased dramatically as I added more continuity sites) and the stress and pressure of having to make new sales every month lifted like a kid losing his grip on a helium balloon.

$5400 was TWICE the salary I’d dumped to go full-time online BTW 🙂

So that was my method.

Simple and straightforward – just add hard work and mix.

It’s easy to do the same…

Research what content or service people want and make it into a continuity site.

Work your danglies off promoting it in every way you can think of or afford and then spend a solid 48 hours tracking which methods work.

Then work your butt off AGAIN focusing on just those methods.

Finally (and this is a biggie), plug your continuity program into the back end of EVERYTHING you do.


If you have a sales funnel make sure it’s in there, even if it’s entirely unrelated.

Yes even with unrelated products this does work but track and test it so you know your numbers.

Make sure that every new subscriber who comes onto your list knows about your continuity and are reminded regularly about it.

Create a discount offer and place your ad on your JV partner’s thank you pages in exchange for you promoting their launches

Email your ENTIRE list when you add new content. Tell them about this months’ exciting new content and if they haven’t joined yet tell them that they should.

Make the email appealing enough to pull in new members.

By doing this you’re letting existing members know that there is new content to download but you’re also making the email into a teaser to encourage new members.

If you frame your emails this way it’s really just sales copy 🙂

  1. Q. When is the right time to launch your first continuity site?
  2. A. RIGHT NOW!

As soon as you feel you know even the basics of your internet marketing business, start working on the continuity sites that will make up your bread and butter income.

It’ll take away much of your stress, remove your reliance on having to do launches every six weeks to make money and eventually it will totally remove some of the dependence you have on JV partners and affiliates.

It’s why I don’t need to do launches and why I don’t need affiliates.

It makes you free from needing others

It makes you your own person in a business sense.

Create continuity sites – it makes a HUGE difference.

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Over $4,000 for three days’ work a month

Smart marketers realize that coaching is made much more difficult by the need to schedule your time with that of your client

If your client works full-time (not to mention being in another country) it’s often tricky trying to co-ordinate a time to jump on a Skype call that is convenient for both of you…

…especially if you’ve allocated one day a week for the next 4 weeks to run your coaching program over.

There is a simpler way…

It will also bring a lump sum into your account AND makes it easier on both you and your client when it comes to arranging coaching times

It’s this:

Sell slots.

I’ve done this in the past and plan to do it very soon again.

Here’s how it’s done…

If you charge $200 an hour for your time, you should create a site that you can open each month where your clients can pre-book your time.

So $200 would buy one hour of your time

$1000 would buy 6 hours (you throw in an extra hour for bulk booking)

The beauty is that these slots can be redeemable over whatever period you choose – a month, three months, a year…

It’s up to you.

All you need to do is use an online diary such as so your customers can schedule online when they want to use their hours with you.

Of course, you can block off times when you don’t want to work too.

If you wish you can allocate just three days per month in one go to work with your clients or you can schedule out the equivalent of three days work over the whole month working just an hour a day or so.

Personally I like to get into the ‘mindset’ of coaching and work multiple hours per day.

It’s up to you

If you work the equivalent of just THREE days per month (at seven hours per day) you’d bring in $4,200 at $200 an hour.

Of course, you could also sell hours on an ongoing basis as part of a funnel or upsell structure and let your clients redeem their time at any point up to (for example) 18 months in the future.

Remember you’re getting paid at the time of the booking they book – you don’t have to wait until they redeem their time to bank the money.

It’s a wonderfully flexible and relaxed attitude to coaching in my opinion and even better, it allows your clients to prepare for their hour, and to use them at key points within their business expansion.

They might want an hour’s brainstorm with you initially and then implement your suggestions before coming back 3 weeks later to discuss their results.

Flexibility makes for great coaching and successful clients.

AND lump sums in your account when you need them by selling your time upfront.

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Are You Still Trying To Compete? Maybe That’s Why You’re Not Getting Anywhere…

I think it was Dan Kennedy who coined the famous question that every marketer needs to ask themselves at least once in their career:

Why should I, your prospective customer,  choose to do business with you versus any and every other category available to me, including doing nothing at all?”

Why you? Why should they choose to do business with YOU? (or ME for that matter)

The answer, of course, is that you ideally need your customers to come to you, which means two things:

ONE: Not trying to be everything to all people

TWO: Becoming unique by going niche

It’s important to understand that repelling people away from your business is a key part of your success and ultimately is good for

business as well as attracting them.

Don’t be a web designer, be a web designer for landscape gardeners.

Focus on that niche and that niche only.

Dentists will look at your service and walk on because it’s not for them. That’s fine.

Because Landscape gardeners will come to YOU because your service is specifically for them.

When you select a niche market you instantly have less competition and more in the way of uniqueness

A Hippy Marketing brand isn’t going to attract people who want to drive fast, expensive cars.

It won’t attract people with a 60 hours a week work ethic and it certainly won’t be right for single blokes intent on being players and bedding every eligible female in the northern hemisphere.

(But there will be niches for that too I’m sure)

But it does, however, attract my market, which is lifestyle-oriented, home-based, time-rich (or wannabe time-rich), family centred ethical approach to internet marketing.

Those that think it’s all hippy-dippy crap walk past, which is fine with me because they’d be a bloody hard sell anyway…

In my opinion, being just an internet marketer isn’t going to cut it for much longer.

There are too many new marketers coming onto the scene and very little to differentiate them.

The guys and gals who are relatively new to the scene and who are making good money are the niche marketers. 

These are the ones who focus solely on Amazon mini-sites, or CPA techniques or email marketing…and little else.

Look at the successful blogs and sites you see out there – they’re much more focused than they were a decade ago. 

Single mum entrepreneurs, day trading for the over 50’s, sports betting for women.



It defines your market and separates you from your competition…and it’s possibly the reason that you maybe haven’t found the success you’ve been looking for?

If you’re not niche enough the competition will become enormous if it hasn’t already.

In most markets, I reckon the business trying to be all things to all people will hit problems very quickly.

Look at what you offer and if you’re trying to appeal to everyone perhaps have a rethink about where your interests lie and what else you COULD offer…

…but go NARROW not broad…

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$4,214 Per Month From Cheat Sheets

I love this and it’s very clever..

It works because it connects the marketer in question with his list and reinforces the ‘I care about my subscribers’ bond.

It also makes him an extra four grand a month on top of his affiliate commissions, although not in the IM niche – he’s in the health, weight loss and running niches but I

can’t see a reason it won’t transfer into any niche nicely.

Here’s how it works.

As well as selling his own products (one core product actually) in each niche he’s also an affiliate marketer.

So he promotes multiple different weight loss products, running products, exercise equipment and similar because he recognizes that just like the make money online niche, people try every method until they find what resonates with them (and even then they often keep buying)

He’s promoted successfully for a number of years and sales were fine, but here’s how he’s managed to add another $4k to his bottom line using cheat sheets in his affiliate marketing:

When he selects a product to promote as an affiliate he buys it himself (or gets a review copy) and takes the time to go through it so he knows it well.

Then (and this is the clever bit) he creates a ‘cheat sheet’ that summarises the whole product into one PDF, sometimes even including a flowchart.

In essence, he creates an ‘at a glance’ guide to the product that simplifies, outlines and gives the buyer a snapshot of what’s involved.

And then when he promotes the product he simply says that he’ll include his own personal cheat sheet in with every purchase.

Now this works on a number of levels..

The buyer knows that our affiliate must have actually read the product in order to product the cheat sheet so he knows it’s a genuine and personal recommendation not just seom throwaway ‘quick promo to his list’

The buyer also knows that the cheat sheet will be a great help in finding the parts that interest him or her, and will allow him to get an overview of what’s involved and so

the main product doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming – this also cuts down refunds.

(How many times have you bought something and then stared in dismay at the 11 videos you need to watch to find out what the product involves? The Cheat Sheet overview is a huge help in situations like this)

And finally, because our affiliate includes an offer of help in with the cheat sheet (email me if you need anything) he builds trust and rapport with his readers.

It’s working really well for him and I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t transfer to any niche..

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$14,500 a month by giving everything away except one thing!

One of my clients is ‘crushing it’ (as they say) with this method.

I have to say I love this approach and it

makes a hell of a lot more sense for this particular person than trying to sell $9 products

So this chap realized very quickly that it’s a lot easier trying to sell one product priced at $1,000 than it is to sell 112 products priced at $9 to make that same $1,000

He’s dead right too – it is.

The only snag is having the reputation and building up the trust of your list to ask for that $1,000 price tag

So here’s how we did it…

I can sum up his business model in just a few words:  

He gives everything away for free  except the high ticket stuff

So all his front-end reports are free, and interestingly, so are his upsells.

If you opt-in into one of his free WSO’s

you’ll put your name into the squeeze page as usual, and also as usual you’ll expect to be presented with an upsell or OTO and you ARE…

But that ‘upsell’ is also free!

His emails to his list aren’t affiliate emails, he only ever recommends his own products and he gives LOADS of content away with his emails.

You might think he was leaving a lot of money on the table but when you hear this next bit you’ll see why he does it.

Giving everything away for free builds trust like you wouldn’t believe …and it’s working because this is what happens next:

Every month he opens a limited number of places to work with him on a one-to-one basis at different levels.

Email coaching, personal coaching (although he actually positions it as ‘personal guidance or help’) and on average he sells $14,500 worth of personal help to his small list each month

He spends about $1500 of this income building his list each month and continues to give everything away for free except his higher ticket services which run from around $300 to $5,000 depending on the package you choose

Here’s the important thing:

He’s a relatively new marketer with no real reputation (except to his list) yet he’s using free offers – giving everything away free except his higher ticket products – to make MORE MONEY per month than marketers who are doing WSO launches every 6 weeks to get themselves started.

I think it’s a lovely model AND you’d sleep well at night knowing you were providing solid info for free.

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Features Better Than Youtube – Valuable Channel Names Still Available

One Guru’s Failure Becomes Another’s Success


Have you ever bought into something that didn’t work or did not live up to your expectations?

If you are like me, I am sure you have.

Back in 2011 I bought into a brand new site that showed a lot of promise. That site was called "uQast".

Hoping to be on the ground floor of something big, I invested over $4,000 into the site only to later have it fall apart.

This was mainly due to the founder not being able to overcome several technical programming issues with the site.

The uQast platform was incredible, it was a highly advanced platform that had a vision to address a lot of the problems with Youtube.

Unfortunatly for me, the founder ran out of money before it really got off the ground and he could no longer continue development.

Bottomline, I lost all of my investment and as a result will never trust that guru again.

The sad part is his dream which was a great idea, was lost…

Now my bad luck has come full circle. You see, in 2011 when I had invested in the uQast platform, I secured several high value names that I would have exclusive rights to.

If the founder had been able to complete the platform, I am sure those channel names would have been worth more than my intial investment. Again, that didn’t happen…so it’s time to move on.

Well here comes the good part..

A week ago a brand new platform was launched that has all of the advanced features that uQast invisioned without the problems.

Here are just a few:

  • You Can Sell Your Products Directly From The Platform
  • You Can Make Money My Charging For Phone Calls Directly From The Platform
  • You Can Make Money When Your Partners Make Sales Through The Platform
  • You Can Receive Tips From Sharing Valuable Content On The Platform

Not only that, it’s already fully developed and they have managed to simplify the platform so it’s also easier to use.

Now here is the best part..

All of those advanced features cost pennies compared to what I had paid for it back then and at 50 times more the opportunity.

You see back then I had to pay for the channel name and it cost me a lot (about 1k per channel name). I also bought several names in hopes it took off. Can you picture owning the top channel on Youtube for weight loss or make money online?

Here is the example of what I mean:


How much do you think those channels would be worth with a little effort?

Well that same opportunity is before you now.

Picture if Youtube allowed you to take payments right on the Youtube platform or even sell your products directly on the channel.

I hope you are beginning to see the power of what I am try to explain. I am really just scratching the surface of what this new platform can do.

You really just need to check it out so you will understand the power built into this platform. Just don’t look at it and then click away.

I really hope you will dive into the features this platfrom has to offer so you will understand just how advanced and more powerful than Youtube this platform really is.

The name of the platform is called EyeSlick.

You can check it out here:

Now, this opportunity get even better, and those that have already bought in don’t even realize it yet. That’s where this is going to benefit you.

Right now you can get up to 50 channel names for less than $50. You can also purchase the upsell for even more power.. all features are explained on the site, but again 50 channel names for less than $50.

Others are starting to catch on and create their channel names.

You can join it here for a limited time and get 25 channel invites plus 25 bonus channel invites for less than $50.

Just so you know..

I did get the weightloss and make money online channel names. However, there are so many valuable niches that are not taken yet. So, move quickly….

Don’t wait while the others are securing their new channel names. You will miss out if you don’t hurry. The secret is… once you get in, you need to change your auto generated channel name to something of value that is still available. You can only change it once so pick wisely.

So here is a no brainer offer for you…

If you get in using my link, and send me a copy of your receipt, I will give you one of my 100 license keys for funnel joy funnel building platform as a bonus. All you need to do is e-mail me at so I can verfiy your purchase.

Hope to see you on EyeSlick soon 🙂

Eric Sullivan

What are you waiting for?

Go now and get those channel names!!


Traffic Is Good, but Converting It Is the Point

E-commerce entrepreneurs spend so much of their time and effort in pursuit of potential customers.

Rightfully so, but the quest quite obviously can’t stop there.

Driving traffic is only part of the process. The goal is to earn sales from it.


One of the most common pratfalls for those who are just beginning to pursue the Dot Com lifestyle is their pursuit of traffic becomes so intense that they often don’t see the forest for the trees.


For example:

Incredibly, the simpler some tasks are, the more complicated some people try to make them.


The last thing any e-commerce entrepreneur needs to be is overwhelmed. Especially when it’s not necessary.

If you’re committed to the Yoda Code, then odds are you’re going to be successful. It also means your planning has already paired your interests with your products and, by definition, your niche.

There are most likely many avenues available to reach your intended market. Here’s how to keep your pursuit of it manageable:


Remember the mentorship part of our mantra, because success is rarely achieved alone. This product comes complete with personalized trainers, all of whom are verified $100,000 a month earners.

As well, it’s strongly advisable to have a high-ticket product in your portfolio. It really doesn’t take any more effort to promote them than lesser-price items, as long as it’s quality.

Best of all, here’s the point: you draw the traffic, and your trainer will do the conversion for you.

It’s an extremely profitable way to learn as you go.


Kjell Sherman, Manager – The Norra Ljusen Trust

Norra Ljusen — pronounced norra YOU-sun — is Swedish for Northern Lights.  My name, Kjell, is pronounced shell to English speakers.

You can view a short video about how I entered the exciting world of online entrepreneurship on the home page of our Better Life Focus site. It’s dedicated to motivated marketers and provides trending Dot Com news, information, and entertainment for motivated entrepreneurs who commit to take action in their quest to reclaim their time by becoming and remaining financially independent via e-commerce.

If you’re committed to online success, we’d like to welcome you to the Dot Com lifestyle!


Everything You Need to Start Drop Shipping.

What is drop shipping???????


Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers the customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

Click below to watch a short explanation. 

If this sound like its something you want to get in on, then I have great news for you. I Have the perfect drop shipping system that your going to love. Everything you need is going to be here and its just 3 systems.

System 1.

Learning the right way to drop shipping, always learn from the expert as they have already made the mistake you will make.

Here the link to this great book, also on audio.

So Learning the correct way to drop shipping is the first step. But what platform do you use. That’s number 2.

This 2nd system will blow your mind.

Click here to get your Shop Monopoly. 

So now you have the learning tool and the drop shipping platform.

So it just comes to the 3rd system. What product to sell. If you don’t have your own product you can go to sites mentioned but how do you choose the best selling and how will you know it will get you great results.

System 3 has that covered.

Here below is the intro to this amazing system.

and now take a look at this review of this amazing system below.

Now that you’ve seen Asinpector at work, what are you waiting for. Click the link to get your system.

If you need any help with any of the systems, drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Good luck with your success.


Thumbnail Blaster Review

Everybody knows about YouTube, SnapChat, Vimeo and Facebook, these are well-known sites where you can upload and share videos which almost everybody are doing every day.

And for those of you who are going into the exploration of money making online, perhaps building your digital marketing career, you should know by now how relevant and powerful a video is as a marketing tool.

The first thing people see is your thumbnail, if they see it as attractive, your videos will not be put to waste, but it can be hard to create attention-grabbing thumbnails because you have to be an experienced designer or hire one and that will be expensive! But don’t worry, Thumbnail Blaster can help you.

What is Thumbnail Blaster?

Thumbnail Blaster is an online editing app that can help you create breathtaking thumbnails in as little as 3 clicks!

It is a thumbnail creation software that can triple your traffic and can give you the views you deserve to dominate the market and the sales that you have been hoping to achieve without even uploading a new video.

This means you will have more views and traffics without any design skills. This is the fastest and easiest software for breathtaking thumbnails which can help you generate more sales.

The newest A.I. software that can drive 100% FREE video traffic and increase your video exposure by 95% and more marketers are using the Thumbnail Blaster to step up their game.

How Does Thumbnail Blaster Work?

Thumbnail Blaster will turn your scrollers into viewers and your leads into your clients with just 3 easy steps.

  • Step 1 – select template from over 100 attention-grabber designs across various niches or you can let the AI choose it for you. All the templates have been tried and tested and were proven to get the highest click-through rate for your video campaigns.
  • Step 2 – click, edit and customize it according to your liking. Just drag and drop and edit it to your heart’s content. You can resize, change text and fonts and other elements. You don’t even need technical skills to do it. Can’t do it on your own? Let the AI do it for you.
  • Step 3 – PUBLISH and get traffic. Your new, breathtaking video thumbnail will surely get you more views, traffic and exposure with just one click.

This is the world’s number 1 thumbnail creation software that can help you create breathtaking thumbnails that can triple your traffic and leads with just 3 clicks!


Demo Video

About the Creators:

The Thumbnail Blaster was created by Stoica and Vlad M who have been in the video marketing game for over 10 years and uploaded millions of video campaigns. These experts surely know what they are doing!


Creating your own amazing thumbnails that can get you more views and traffic without hiring a good designer on freelance sites, waiting for days for the designer to finish it only to be dissatisfied and spending $50-$100 for a single thumbnail.

This helpful tool can increase your traffic and earnings.

This software is easy to use and definitely newbie friendly.

There are a lot of options with over 100 high class thumbnail templates.

It can be easily published to YouTube and you can even conduct split testing!

It has helped a lot of digital marketers already and their feedbacks are awesome.

You can use Thumbnail Blaster from your desktop, PC, Apple or even your smart phone.

It comes with 2 Bonuses: Video Ranking Machine and Live Training Webinar.

Your investment is safe because it comes with a 30 days Money Back Guarantee.


It is a cloud-based software so you will be needing an internet connection to access and run the software.

Limited templates for some niches.


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