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The Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Software Releases of 2020

The Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Software Releases of 2020 

Thank goodness 2020 is now over, but at least there was some really good software to come out of it. 

Here’s my top 5 softwares that will really help your online business take off in 2021:

1. Profilemate (list building tool)

Luke Maguire only releases 1 or 2 products each year & they are always good, and this was his best last year.  It allows you to scrape publicly available emails from Instagram (in any niche) & then market to them.
I started using Profilemate when it was launched in October, & I now have over 5,000 engaged subscribers (open rates of 30 to 40%) interested in online business products.

See the demo video of Profilemate here.

Also take a look at the fantastic training that comes with it, and if you really want to ramp it up grab OTO #2 – VIP supercharged searches.

profilemate review
Profilemate Review

2 Secret Email System (email marketing course)

Once you’ve built your list, you need to know how to market to them, and why not learn how to do it from legendary email marketer Matt Bacak. 
The Secret Email System lets you discover the exact step-by-step process for finding the most profitable (and proven) offers that can instantly generate income for you. In other words, it shows you how Matt Bacak built a 7-figure online business…

Check it out by Clicking Here

At less than $6 for the front end product it’s ridiculously cheap for the goldmine of information you will get out of it.

Secret Email System Review
Secret Email System Review

3. Perpetual Income 365 (affiliate marketing system for beginners)

Actually this one may have been released earlier than 2020, but it’s made my top 5 as I have been having great results with it & I can see why it’s one of the best performing Clickbank products. 

Perp 365 is very easy to use & just about everything is done for you  – you can start with a 2 week trial for less than $10 which gives you access to the system, including a 30 day done-for-you email sequence which can be downloaded straight to your GetResponse account (Click Here for a 30 day free trial of Get Response).

It also provides clear & easy to understand training including a good introduction to Solo Ads.

Access Perp 365 Here

Make sure you take advantage of the 3 Day Challenge – the creator Shawn will match any solo ads you purchase.  He has a high quality list & I got some really good sales from his ads.

Also add in some different products into the 30 day email sequence as the initial set up only includes Perp 365 as the product.

4. Ministry of Freedom (high end Affiliate Marketing training)

If you’re willing & able to invest both time & money to ramp up your business, then Jono Armstrong’s flagship course is worth checking out.  Jono is one of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world, and in this course he gives you all the information & tools required to replicate his success.

Access Ministry of Freedom Here

I haven’t done this one myself, but I know some of his students who are having incredible success after doing it.

5. Vanquish (2 in one traffic system using Youtube)

Another clever software from Jono Armstrong, Vanquish includes a unique software for driving penny click traffic from YouTube; a proven-to-convert high-ticket offer for monetization and DFY funnel pages built with Mike Filsaime’s breakthrough GroovePages software.

In addition, users get a $100 ads voucher so they have NO out-of-pocket costs to get up and running. 

Access Vanquish Here

Vanquish Review
Vanquish Review

So that’s my Top 5 for 2020 – please let me know what you think if you decide to check any of them out.


Game Changing System For Affiliate Marketing Plus 100% Free Training

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Affiliate Marketing Is One of the Best Ways to Make Money Online, and There Are Two Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools You Will Need

To really grow your affiliate marketing business, there are 2 essentials tools you need: an Autoresponder and a Landing Page & Sales Funnel Builder (and in this article, I’ve got access to free trials for both!).


Autoresponders enable you to send an automatic sequence of emails to your subscribers, as well as ‘broadcast’ emails to all subscribers when you want to promote a special offer or a new product.  You simply cannot make email marketing work without the best autoresponder.

There are many commercial autoresponders available in the market (Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Active Campaign etc..), however the one that I think is the best autoresponder on the market (& have been using for a few years) is Aweber:

Click Here for a Free Trial of Aweber

I’ve found Aweber to be very reliable, has all of the automation features you will need, and is one of the best value in the marketplace.

And remember, affiliate marketing is all about creating and building an email customer base so you can email your affiliate offers.

Related: Check out our review of The Secret Email System

email mailing
Affiliate Marketing & Email Mailing

Landing Page & Sales Funnels Builders

Before you send subscribers to an offer or when you want to collect more email addresses, you need to send them to a Landing Page (also known as a Squeeze Page or Optin Page).  There are many websites that offer both free & paid Landing Page builders, but the quality & ease of use varies a lot.

Once you have customers on your Landing Page, you need to be able to offer more benefits to them (or ‘Upsells’), and that’s where a Sales Funnels kicks in.

It can take a lot of time to learn how to use this type of software, so that’s why I recommend  Clickfunnels.  Although it’s not the cheapest on the market, it is without doubt one of the best, and more importantly, EASIEST to use.

Click Here for a Free Trial of Clickfunnels

They also have the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, & when you become a clickfunnel affiliate you will be able to earn a commission off any customers you refer to clickfunnels.

Check them both out & please let me know what you think.

To see more articles like this, check out our website.


Secret Shortcuts to Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that some estimates put the Affiliate Marketing Industry as high as $6.8 BILLION a YEAR in the US alone? Industry-leaders like ClickBank PAYOUT MILLIONS in commissions EVERY YEAR to their Affiliates.

As an Affiliate, your job is easy… Just find people who want to buy a certain type of product. When those people buy – you get paid a commission. It’s that simple!

You DON’T have to create your own products… You don’t even need your own website… And for every product you sell, you can make as much as 75% in commissions!


OK, so you might think that making an income from Affiliate Marketing is easy… Maybe you could become a millionaire within a month? Yeah right! Anyone who promises you that is a shameless scammer. I know what it feels like to FAIL. I know how much it hurts.


To make consistent, daily income from Affiliate Marketing… you need the right tools and the secret shortcuts. After 15 years of experience as a multiple 6-figure affiliate… this guy has created the tool that will EASILY shave YEARS off your learning curve.

What you’re about to discover will shock you!

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12 Minute Affiliate


5 DFY Solutions for Affiliate Marketers

1. Affiliate offers

Simply pick one of the commission packages to begin with.

They cover the majority of niches and product types, from dating

to WordPress and every thing in between…

no matter what you’re looking for…we have you covered!

2. Lead Magnet

Simply select your first package today that is free and once active it’s going to contain…

A High Converting Squeeze Page having a “Bribe” That sucks in readers!

These gorgeous, high converting squeeze pages feature a customized report

or software gift. We host the pages and gifts… all are set up for you.

Once people register they will proceed through our tested and proven funnel of thank-you,

confirmation and download pages.

This is already set up for you. It just needs your referral ID. Each of these pages is highly optimized with

integrated ads that will automatically generate affiliate sales for you.

Once people are on the list they will be tagged to your affiliate ID for life!

We will deliver to them professionally written follow up emails advertising solid

evergreen products and exciting new launches in the relevant niche.

All emails will use your affiliate link so you always get the affiliate commissions

… doesn’t matter if it’s two years from now.

You don’t need to install or configure anything. We host all your pages and run

the autoresponder follow up system for you, at no cost.

Covert Commissions is entirely cloud based and you’ll find everything you need

inside the member’s area, so you can get started straight away.

3. Traffic

Our full step-by-step training system showing you exactly how to drive traffic

using the tools we’ve given you.

We show you exactly how our most successful members are sending traffic

to their pages. Once you’ve got the hang of that, we’ve got some more experienced

methods that you can use to really ramp up your success too, but you can take this

at your own pace and best of all, earn as you learn! In addition, my subscribers

get free access to Traffic Ivy App. to drive more traffic to your business and to

Covert Commissions, if you choose.

4. Follow up

Skillfully Written Follow Emails That Will Earn You Recurring Income For A Long Time

Once people are on the list they will be tagged to your affiliate ID for life!

We will send them skillfully written follow up emails advertising evergreen

products and services and exciting new launches in the niche that is relevant.

All emails will use your affiliate link so you always get the affiliate commissions

doesn’t matter if it’s two years from now.

5. Support

You will want to join our Facebook group which now has over 5200 members, many of whom

post something helpful everyday. We have an awesome moderator who keeps us updated on

events and changes, answers questions, and motivates us daily.

That’s the fun part of support. In addition, you can contact the support staff to resolve

any technical or other issues you may have and will receive a prompt response. Top notch

support, in my opinion.

Dorothea Glenn


What Is Content Marketing And How It Works

Have you always asked yourself just what is content marketing and how does it work? It’s something that has become increasingly prevalent now that many people access the internet from different electronics, including phones, tablets, and laptops. This method of marketing includes sharing different types of content, such as blog posts, high-quality images, infographics, and more. If you’d like to get started, there are some things you need to know.

Avoid the Common Mistakes Marketers Make

Some marketers are a bit too pushy when trying to deliver an important message. Rather than engaging with the readers, they may be pushing a product too much. The purpose of marketing is to attract business and make sales, but you have to be creative about the approach. Simply trying to push a product and constantly talking about that product will not get you very far.

Aside from being too pushy, avoid overdoing the SEO. Yes, it’s important to use certain keywords in your content, but that doesn’t mean you should stuff the content with those keywords. If the content lacks substance and doesn’t have much to offer to the readers, you’re not going to have the best success with content marketing. It’s important to understand that content marketing isn’t as hard as it seems, but you have to avoid making these mistakes if you truly want to see the fruits of your labor.

Use Videos to Tell Stories

How many videos have gone viral on the internet? It’s impossible to count them all because there are so many that have made an impression, whether good or bad. One of your goals should be to create compelling videos where you’re not just selling a product, but actually telling a story that touches your audience. The experiences you have could be used to create a video that people can relate to and enjoy for all kinds of reasons.

If you’re getting shares, people will take the time to search you up. They’ll look at your social media accounts and they may start following you and your business. Going viral for all the right reasons is a great way to grow your business. Of course, you can’t predict what will go viral and what won’t, but simply being honest and relatable in your videos could get you further.

Write Well on All Platforms

If you’re a skilled writer, use your talent to write well on all platforms. You’ll need to use social media for marketing purposes. The quality of your posts is crucial. If they’re not well-written, they may be overlooked by your followers.

Write engaging posts that are getting straight to the point. There is no need to beat around the bush on social media. Discuss your thoughts, provide commentary, and interact as professionally as possible with followers.

Now you no longer have to ask what is content marketing and try then to figure out how to use it wisely. You now know more about this type of marketing so you might be ready to give it a try for yourself. Make sure you’re not making those common mistakes and are simply focused on taking the right approach with everything you do, such as creating compelling videos and writing out posts on social media. If you’re doing it right, content marketing could help you grow your business.


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7 Benefits of Using Covert Commissions and How to Make Money


If you’re wondering what Covert Commissions is all about, then this quick Covert Commissions Review is meant for you. Covert Commissions is an affiliate marketing system /software that helps you create landing pages to advertise/promote products. It was developed by Cindy Donovan, along with her partners. It was first released in 2015, over the years it has become a popular marketing tool.

How does it work?

It is an automatic tool that generates online commissions witһout any manual effort. It sets up all the campaigns for traffic and leads for all your products.

Basically, you only need these 3 simple steps to set up your Covert Commissions account.

i) Sign in to your account and navigate to the dashboard, and add CB ID and, JVZoo.

ii) select the offers that you desire to have them as missions.

iii) Make use of the inbuilt tools to send traffic. Also, go through all the training tutorials.

Benefits of Using Covert Commissions

1.)It provides a 100% managed internet affiliate marketing system, that can do all the affiliate works for you ( it is an all-in-one affiliate marketing system that delivers, with little effort on your end).

2.) For beginners, the member’s area is easy to navigate and is well designed in a professional manner. The interface is user-friendly and easy to access.

3.) Todays’ covert commissions are loaded with incredible features to maximize profits.

4.) Comprehensive tracking systems- the tracking tool pinpoints where the sales and profits are coming from.

 5.) There are a lot of promo tools, ranging from:




      -Email Funnels

6.) Another amazing feature is their website’s blog – they consistently publish informative articles on making money online.

7.) Other than the basic product, this tool is loaded with other valuable bonuses.


How do you make money with this tool?

Well, after clients have signed up to your email list, Covert Commissions will promote offers to this list continuously, each time with your affiliate links. This means that you will earn commissions when people purchase what you are promoting.

Keep in mind that all this will happen on autopilot.

Most of its products are from Clickbank and JVZoo, thus you will need to provide your details to receive commissions.

It has various funnels to offer, with products in a wide range of niches. Therefore you will not be limited to the make money from one niche.

Finally, the merchant does not deduct any percentage from your commissions. All commission goes directly to your account.

Setting up an affiliate marketing campaign can be exhausting, especially if you are new to this field. Therefore if you are new to affiliate marketing, Covert Commissions would be the simplest way to get you started and earn as much profit as possible.

All, you have to do, is to send people the link that is provided inside Covert Commissions. Additionally, it is loaded with video tutorials to guide you.

Covert Commission is the real game-changer.